Guests are at the door

Every week, or even more often, I give a reception at my place. I am a very sociable and friendly person. I have many acquaintances and friends who are eager to come around and see me. And me, in my turn, I never turn it down. «Welcome», this is what I always reply when one of my friends phones me to inquire whether I arrange any gatherings.

I'm not an early riser and I wouldn’t mind slumbering an extra hour or so. In this regard, I prefer holding receptions in the afternoon. Evening meetings are also not my cup of tea. Noontime is just the right time which suits me most.

Today I plan to meet my old friends from school days. They promised to come at two o’clock sharp. The watch shows twenty past eleven. I am occupied by cleaning the house, and in some time I’m going to cook food for my guests. I don’t support sumptuous feast and believe that fatty food on my table will be good for nothing. But sweets – with pleasure. Usually I prepare some tasty cake for my guests and treat them to delicious Chinese tea.

Now the guests are at the door. The fun is yet to begin. Today we will recollect school years, talk about current events and share our plans for the future.